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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is simple: we have the best prices and the best and most experienced technicians.


We post reviews based on the information you give us about your services. No “Good services”, “Best place around” but small stories of 20 to 50 words or sometimes more.


No. We always use different IP addresses and aliases to place reviews and since they’re always like a short story, it’s impossible for anyone (even the review sites owners) to tell if they are posted by an actual client or us.


We create your company’s profile on some review sites, FREE of charge. You just need to give us your company details.


Each package grants you a number of reviews on each of your listings. Say you have your company listed on 10 sites, with the basic 99$ you get 50 reviews posted, 5 on each site. With the Boosted 99$ we post on 5 of the most important listings 10 reviews on each. That will increase your general rating and number of reviews on the sites you consider a priority. Simple, right?


After you complete the second step and payment is made, we require up to 12 hours (usually is less than that) to confirm your payment and send you the login information to your personal account with us. There you can tell us where you want us to place the reviews, talk to the technician that will write the reviews and see the reports of the work he is doing.


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